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Every piece of jewelry from MI MANERA is a special investment. Our craftsmen’s devotion and creativity brought each piece to life.

We hope that you will treat your jewelry with care as they are delicate by nature. Extra cautious will help to maintain the appearance of your jewelry, preserving its lasting qualities.

Keep in mind that jewelry must be properly cleaned and maintained like any other wardrobe items. Your jewelry will naturally tarnish over time and a new layer of plating is necessary. Constant wear can also lead to the loss of stones or pearls. Always check the clasps or appearance of your jewelry to keep it in the best condition, and for you to enjoy your treasured pieces longer.

MI MANERA jewelry are made of .925 sterling silver with the finest plating. Nickel Free.


We recommend limit exposure to direct heat and sunlight. Avoid direct contact with corrosive agents and chemical products such as lotions, perfumes, bleach, chlorine, detergents as they will increase the process of tarnishing.

Remove your jewelry before doing household chores, swimming, bathing, exercising and any sports activities. Your jewelry must not be directly impact to hard and rough surfaces to minimize scratching and changes in color.

After each use, gently polish your jewelry with a soft dry lint free cloth to remove any sweats, makeup or unwanted debris. Make sure to store each piece separately in a cool and dry environment away from damp conditions.

Always remember, your jewelry is the last piece you put on and the first thing you take off.


MI MANERA jewelry recommends you use a soft lint free cloth or a jewelry polishing cloth. Using these cloths is an effective and non-abrasive way to clean your jewelry on a daily basis.

After every few uses, clean your jewelry in a bowl using lukewarm water with mild soap. Rinse thoroughly and blow dry with cool temperature, gently polish your pieces with a soft lint free cloth to keep your jewelry new, shiny and untarnished.

The tarnishing and discoloration can be cleaned using MI MANERA jewelry cleaning cloth provided when purchased. Please note that these cloths contain silver and gold cleaning solution, which can discolor and remove some layers of the gold plating when used too frequently.


Remember to keep your jewelry separately, ideally in the original protective pouch or box received with purchase. Keep in mind that this does not prevent your sterling silver pieces from oxidation and tarnishing.

Do not place your jewelry pieces next to one another to avoid unnecessary damage from scratching. Chains should be stored closed and put in a flat position to avoid the formation of knots and to remain ready for use.


MI MANERA uses genuine mineral stones

Jewelry piece containing natural mineral stones must be worn with extra care. Mineral is soft, delicate and brittle.

Avoid any rough treatments as dropping or knocking mineral jewelry on hard surfaces may cause damages and fractures.
Mineral stones are sensitive to hot water, heat, and harsh chemicals including detergents, ammonia, and acids. Chemicals in cosmetics, oils, lotions and perfumes can also discolor the stones.

When cleaning, gently wipe the stones with lukewarm water dampened cloth. Always dry the minerals and wipe off all traces of water from its surface before storing them in the box.


MI MANERA uses natural freshwater pearls

Pearls are fragile precious jewels and require proper attention. Pearl jewelry must be worn with care and not to be knocked against hard surfaces and objects.

Pearls risk losing their shine when exposed to heat and humidity. Avoid contact with any harsh chemicals to preserve its luster.

To prevent its radiance from being damaged by perspiration, wipe the pearl carefully and gently solely with a soft dry cloth to protect its luster and setting, and to remove any debris before putting your pearl pieces in the jewelry box.



MI MANERA jewelry receives finest 18K Gold and Rose Gold or Rhodium and Black Rhodium plating with either high polished, matte, or sandblasted surface.

Please note that in the course of time, these plating will fade depending on how frequently you wear the pieces. This process is only natural and not to be alarmed. Rings and bracelets tend to wear off the quickest due to constant contact with hard surfaces, sweats and cosmetics.

It is important to be aware that sterling silver jewelry will naturally tarnish over time.


Black oxidized is a treatment that speed up the oxidation process, making the surface of sterling silver appear greyish black. Black oxidized will provide an antique touch to the silver jewelry.

Bear in mind that certain exposed areas of oxidized silver pieces will become polished when worn frequently.

To protect your black oxidized pieces, avoid any type of detergents, including jewelry cleaner as it will damage the surface. Solely use tepid water to clean your black oxidized jewelry and lightly wipe with a soft lint free cloth.

We provide our customer with MI MANERA
restoration bar for a professional repair and care service.

Any inquiries about repairs and restoration please contact restoration@mimanerajewelry.com